Patch Fittings

Patch fittings

Round module

M1 Top / bottom patch.

M2-T Bottom pivot hinge for german closer.

M5 Single stop with ceiling installation.

M-10 Double stop with ceiling installation.

M11-L Link fitting for transom to wall left.

M13 Double stop fixed on overpanel.

M9 Wall connector.

M16-L For overpanel and side panel left.

M1-SET Overpanel/top pivot set.

M2-I Bottom pivot hinge for square closer.

M3 Floor installation bottom pivot ball bearing.

MQ-7 Rectangular top pin.

M11-R Double Link fitting for transom to wall right.

M12 Stop fixed on overpanel left / right.

M14 Stop fixed on overpanel and side panel left / right.

M15 Connector glass-glass.

M16-R For overpanel and side panel right.

XT-83 B Floor pivot with German profile spindle.


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